Central Assessment and National Benchmarking

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Central Assessment and National Benchmarking


At Indus World School, we follow the approach of Central Assessment and National Benchmarking.

The process of student assessment is centralised. The core objective of the teachers is to teach well and be a mentor and not to assess alone. Students need to go in for self-directed study and the teacher supports the students. The assessment is done by a central team and therefore the assessments become completely unbiased and independent. From early stage the students get the benefit of getting used to central assessment, quite on the lines of Board examinations, whether they are conducted by CBSE or by international GCSE or any other Board. Also, it ensures that the assessments are more scientific in nature and more comprehensive in scope. Questions are asked with the right mix of coverage and levels of difficulty. We use assessments as the tools for student improvement and not as the tools to label the students as strong or weak. As Modern theory says, “I need to compete with myself and not others”.


National Benchmarking is possible with Indus World School’s Central Assessment, as the same assessments are used across schools in different locations. National Benchmarking helps us in finding the real rank and performance of students in different subjects or different concepts across the country.

In other words, even if a student scores the best in his/her class, she may still find plenty of scope of improvement, as there may be a few students in some other location performing better than him/her.