Welcome to our school website!


Thank you for your interest in Indus World School.

Keeping pace with the rising expectations of our students, the parent community and our society, Indus World School has undergone a strategic shift in its approach towards education. We have added ‘Academics First’ in our logo that has traditionally denoted ‘infinity’. We believe in the infinite potential in our students.

However, we have recently added “Academics First” to reinforce our belief that the infinite potential can be harnessed with academic excellence. Therefore, if we aim to harness the potential of our students, we must have our priorities identified and well communicated.

When we follow ‘Academics First’ approach, it makes many things clear in our school. Our teachers get fully prepared with their calendar planned to keep excellent results in mind. As a management guru Stephen Covey’s famous book titled “first things first” explained, for anyone to be successful, it is critical to prioritise.

In addition to priorities, it is important to have self-discipline in our students. We have multiple practices that ensure all our students are not only set their personal goals right from their first year at the school but also have the daily discipline to realise their goals into reality.

We expect high standard of behaviour in all respect from our 4 stakeholder communities:

  • Students
  • Parents/guardians
  • Teachers
  • Support staff

In academics, we expect the teaching staff and the students provide evidence-based demonstration of their achievements.

To enable high quality results, we must climb many mountains. With my team of A grade teachers and A grade support staff, I am confident that we are on the right path and moving with the right velocity – the path and velocity needed to realise the infinite potential through academic first approach.

You may note that we ensure our students work hard and at the same time they are happy students not bereft of joys of learning in an inclusive, positive and joyful environment.

Our teaching-learning fabric is a smorgasbord of joy, curiosity, academics first approach, open communication, creativity, courage and collaboration.

We are confident that our school website will provide you with all the relevant information that you need or wish to seek. We continuously update our website. However, as they say, seeing is believing. We invite you to visit the relevant school to see how we are working towards realising the infinite potential hidden in each of our students.

Best regards, Team Indus