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The Music Program at Indus World School is designed to create and deepen students’ understanding of and love for the music through knowledge of music, self-discipline, and continued performance.

The music faculty in our curriculum development team recognizes that the final outcome, the performance, is unique and must be balanced well between the technical requirement of one’s craft and the artistic vision and persistence of the performer.

The students can be involved in music in a variety of ways like in band, orchestra, choir, Indian music or western music.

Our School is known for the strength and depth of our music programmes. We try to make it possible to provide expert individual instruction for piano, strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, voice, classical guitar and Indian classical instruments. The Indian music programme includes not only instrumental instruction, but also traditional singing. Frequent and ongoing recitals and concerts are the key to encourage performance from an early stage.

Our Music Program offerings include western classical, Indian classical, jazz, and popular styles, and use of advanced technology.


Our Music Classes Cover


Classroom Music (Music Theory)

The development of knowledge and musical skills not only helps reinforce basic life skills such as movement, steady beat, and singing, but also helps students learn the fundamentals of music reading, playing instruments in a group setting, and appreciating various aspects of music as a listener.

Indian Classical Music

Tabla, Sitar, flute, veena, santoor, classical Indian guitar, or classical Indian voice.


Opportunities to study, practice and enjoy singing.

String Instruments

Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Double Bass.

Band Instruments

Brass, percussion and woodwind.


Opportunities to study and practice the piano.

Western Classical Guitar

Opportunities to study, play, and practice the guitar.

Essential performance-based programs introduce small groups of students to a discipline that they may go on to study in individual music instruction. The basics of music theory are taught in the initial courses. Individual music instruction is offered at all levels of study. Through discipline and technical development, teachers and instructors seek to provide the skills necessary for students to participate in ensembles so as to allow students achieve their individual goals.

Arts & Crafts


As Indus World School, we believe that the skills for visual expression are best developed and honed when students approach their work with joy, curiosity, creativity and discipline.

We believe that the students discover their own artistic potential in many ways – sometimes through basic arts workshops and painting and drawing classes and other times while working on an academic project. As the students learn about the basic techniques needed to give artistic form to an idea or a concept, they learn to understand art and craft with respect to other disciplines, i.e. mathematics, science, history, geography, literature, technology, or even music.

Irrespective of the artistic inclination, interest or abilities, we provide all the students opportunity to experience, recognize, and appreciate the beauty of a line, the power of a brushstroke, and the harmony inherent in a well-formed earthen bowl.

We focus on various forms of art ranging from ceramic applications and sculptural techniques to woodworking, drawing and painting and even using technology in the form of multimedia, animation film making etc.




At Indus World School, drams is an integral part of Performing Arts and we consider it is an important life skill.

From early years, we provide a stage to all our students. Such an exposure gives our students’ self-confidence and develops the skills related to self-expression and communication.

We provide such opportunities to all our students, including those with little or no experience. We expose students to a variety of theatrical styles and techniques.

In early years, we focus on creativity, imagination, expression and collaboration. This is achieved through concentration on physical and vocal exercises, improvisation techniques, storytelling, and fundamental approaches to scene study.


For higher classes, we shift our focus on history of theatre, text interpretation and performance and also to adjoining fields of playwriting and design.

In our annual function, ‘Indutsav; the performance of students is commendable. Our students literally ‘take over the stage’ and come out with their own unique script and performance including the sound, light effects. Even the make-up and props are finalised by the students

Students at Indus World School are not just actors, they work as technical specialists, sound engineers, light specialists, stage managers, set and costume designers etc.

Besides the annual function, there are various school-plays, house-plays and other plays held on special occasions or even in interschool or intra school competitions.