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School Community Development


We believe that every school is a social institution and it grows only with the growth of the community in which the school exists. Hence, at Indus World School, we make active efforts in development of a variety of stakeholders and the community around us. As a part of our School Community Development initiatives, we conduct a series of programs, the details of which are provided subsequently.


Guest Sessions


We believe that the knowledge can come from various places and that the school should be ready to soak the knowledge from a variety of experts, specialists and achievers. To this end, we arrange for guest sessions from various specialists on topics that can vary from ‘data science’ to ‘happiness’ to cooking and managing relationships. We sometimes even use curated TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) sessions to enrich our community.


Window to the World


At Indus World School, we have a unique career awareness program called Window to the World, in which we invite eminent achievers and speakers to our studio at New Delhi, for them to share their life story and interact with our students located in 5 cities – Indore, Gurgaon, Bhiwani, Raipur and Ludhiana (cities where our schools are located) on various aspects of career in their area of expertise.

The session is broadcast Live and is normally held in the evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Normally the session is attended (depending upon the interest in the topic) by a few hundred to a couple of thousand parents and students using their mobile/tablet/computer.

We have held sessions on a variety of topics ranging from e-commerce, music, classical dance, sports management, hospitality, data science to education technology and film making.

The best part is that it is an interactive session where the audience ask questions to the expert on real time basis and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the guest speaker.

Fitness Program


Indus World School gives a lot of importance to fitness and sports. We focus on a variety of aspects related to fitness and sports, namely:


Motor and Physical Fitness


Gymnastics and Aerobics




Multiple Sports


Health and Nutrition

Early Childhood Conference


As a part of our focus on community development, we conduct Early Childhood Conference on annual basis.

At Indus World School, we share our learnings to owners, educators and others via Early Childhood Conference.

The parent and preschool teachers learn a lot and benefit immensely through Early Childhood Conference. The subjects covered include cognitive and physical development of students in early stage, technology development, and other subjects related to child psychology and child development.

School teachers also share with audience and conduct workshop on many relevant topics like Jodo Gyan, Story-telling, Dear time, technology usage, Quality circle time.

Further details about the Early Childhood Conference can be obtained from the following website: