Selecting the right school


Selecting the right school is a critical decision that needs to be made by the parents on behalf of the child.

The most common mistake made by the parents at the time of selecting a school is that they go by a general list which is the most acceptable by a number of people.

However, as a parent, you would know that the best school for your child is not the best school for all the children in this world. Just as every child is unique, every school is unique. The job of the parents is to understand self, understand the child and then look at the schools available in the vicinity.

Selecting the right school has three stages

For easy understanding, we have provided the key questions to be asked at each stage.

What’s your parenting style? Are you a

  • Hands-on or hands-off parent
  • Supportive or a prescriptive parent?
How would you list down the learning needs of your child? Does your child
  • Need a structured learning environment?
  • Get uncomfortable with a structured learning environment?
  • Get excited with challenging work?
  • Need more individual attention or is okay with going with the flow?
  • Generally need extra help or more time to complete an assignment?
  • Have any special learning needs?
  • Need an environment that fosters creativity?
  • Need an English language acquisition program?
What’s the location of the school vis-à-vis home location
  • Do you highly prefer that your child must go to a school within walking distance of your home?
  • Can your child’s talents be nurtured outside your neighbourhood?
  • How far are you willing to have your child travel by school bus (in terms of time and in terms of distance)?
  • How far are you willing to drive your child to school, if school bus is not an option?
  • Does your child want to be in a school with his or her friends?
  • Do you want your child to go to a school near your after-school centre?
  • Do you want the school to be near your workplace/office? Or Near a close relative?
  • Does your child have any special transportation needs that must be considered in choosing a school?

How would you consider learning style of your child? Does your child:

  • Learn best by ‘seeing’ how things work?
  • Learn best by ‘reading’ about how things work?
  • Learn best by listening (auditory)?
  • Like to participate in discussions (sociable)?
  • Like to learn through physical activity?
  • Like logical or mathematical discussions?
  • Exhibit musical or artistic inclinations?
  • like to learn in groups?
  • like to work alone?